The Home T

A random fact about me is that I love the show Shark Tank. I can’t exactly say why but it’s seriously one of my favorite shows and Ashton and I rarely go a week without watching it. Anyways, I’ve seen hundreds of episodes and have never tried any of the products until I got this shirt fromĀ The Home T, and let me just say, it’s as every bit as perfect in real life as it appeared on the show! We all love our hometown states and The Home T allows you to show off your hometown state in pride. They have several different shirt styles to choose from but each shirt has the overall same design with your state of choice and the word ‘home’ printed in the center. I love the simple and elegant design. And, you should also know how insanely soft the shirt is….I think I’ve worn it five of the last seven days it’s that soft. Another amazing thing about the company is that all of their shirts are made in the USA and that 10% of their profits go to multiple sclerosis research!

Tee / Coat / Jeans / Hat / Sunglasses / Boots

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