If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.

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IMG_6142And so the story goes… I spotted this dress two years ago while shopping for sorority recruitment and immediately fell in love. From the girly drop waist to the flattering cut of the neckline, it truly embodied everything I adore in a dress. At the time my love for Tibi was at a minimum and I didn’t think sorority preference round deemed such an expensive dress, so it was easy for me to pass it up. Throughout the course of the years to come, my love for Tibi grew and the brand became one of my favorites. As I acquired more Tibi pieces, I consistently compared them to this long lost dress and wondered how I could somehow get my hands on it.

In fashion as in life, the universe will deliver what we furtively seek, and like all great loves, my girly drop waist dress found it’s way back to me. Like a long lost love my treasure returned, but not only did it return, it had an added bonus – a powdery light blue color instead of navy and was 80% off the original price! You can’t imagine my excitement when I rediscovered it.

Unlike the first go around, this time I didn’t have a specific occasion or reason to buy it. But the dress had to be mine and I wasn’t going to let a minor and inconsequential detail hold me back. I simply couldn’t pass on something so special twice. At first glance this dress appears formal, but the exposed zipper transcends it into the playful and edgy category which clearly widens the realm of occasions to which it can be worn.

Upon purchase I immediately felt the normal surge of excitement that comes with a perfect fashion acquisition, and I was beyond excited for Fed-Ex to deliver this gem to my door.  The flirty silhouette of the drop waist and the subtle sheen of the satin fabric create an overall elegance that is ten times more beautiful in person. This dress is very true to the styles I covet most – it is simple, sophisticated, slimming and of course, comfortable. Perhaps this versatility and timelessness is the reason why I adore it so much…even two years after first discovering it!

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