Everything’s Bigger in Texas

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The first time I accompanied my mom to Texas it was mostly a matter of convenience. Wildly talented in all things interior design she didn’t need my help, but loved the comfort I could provide – a second eye, a second opinion, reassurance on all the things she already knew. Over time I turned into her all around font of information and before we knew it these trips became a silent tradition.

Our vision for the house is clear: elegant yet inviting, effortless yet breathtaking, livable yet alluring. The type of place where you never want to leave. Accounting for every last detail has proven challenging but thankfully Houzz has a way of illuminating our path on turning this vision into a reality.

Each decision, every detail, no matter how big or small, is as important as the rest, because they all build upon one another and fit together like a puzzle. No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible for us to take any one of these decisions lightly. Needless to say, our trips are not of a joking matter.

Our agenda for this past week consisted of countertops. We’ve been having the great debate for weeks now – marble or quartzite? Quartzite or marble? Aesthetically, marble is everything we want. It has ideal coloring, the perfect amount of veins and is all around stunning. On the flip side, is quartzite. Although it’s not the most appealing option to us, it’s durable. It won’t stain, etch, chip, etc. etc. Marble, on the other hand, will do just the opposite. It seems laughable that we would even consider the latter but trust me when I say marble has a way of turning red wine drinkers into the best of white wine lovers.

We hoped to have made a decision by the end of the trip but regretfully came home undecided. We looked at hundreds and hundreds of Texan quartzite slabs but still yearn for marble. Although it seems like finding a needle in a hay stack, we aren’t giving up hope on finding exactly what we want. Stay turned for our final decisions. The pictures above are our tentative choices thus far!

Shirt Apiece Apart  (purchased mine 70% off at Intermix last summer) // Boxer Shorts Derek Lam 10 Crosby  // Hat Rag & Bone  (purchased mine 70% off at Nordstrom Rack) // Sunglasses  Prada  // Purse Louis Vuitton  // Shoes Schutz  

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  1. We are getting ready to build and I can’t decide on countertops either! What did you guys end up using? Marble or quartzite?

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