I don’t know about y’all but I constantly find myself thinking I can only wear something once and not wanting to repeat outfits. Granted, some clothing items are easier to mix and match than others, but it’s so much more fun to wear something completely new. I’ve recently cleaned out my closet and promised myself I was no longer going to fall into the trap of buying an expensive outfit and only wear it once or twice and then later feeling guilty about it. I have to admit that I’ve been really good about it too! However, it’s largely due to the fact that I discovered FashionPass! FashionPass is so amazing and my new favorite thing. It’s a way to rent clothes and wear the cutest trends at a fraction of the retail price. When I’m browsing the FashionPass website I feel like I’m shopping at Revolve or Nordstrom because their selection is that great. I love FashionPass because they carry the most current collections from all of my favorite brands like For Love and Lemons or Show Me Your Mumu for example.

With FashionPass you can either opt for a one time rental or a monthly subscription service. My favorite is the unlimited rentals monthly subscription service called FashionPass GO. Under this subscription, you rent and exchange clothes as many times as you want per month, and you can purchase anything you want to keep. They have everything from wedding guest dresses, to date night outfits, to super cute clothes you can wear into the office. There is free two-day shipping both ways and you don’t have to pay for dry cleaning which is always an added bonus. Also, you can use one of your items as a backup size at anytime if you’re unsure of what size you are. Additionally you can upgrade, downgrade or pause your membership with no strings attached at any time.

The other option with FashionPass is the one time rental. Under this service, you rent the item of your choice for either four or eight days. With every rental you get a free backup size included. This option is great for unexpected events when you need a last minute outfit delivered directly to your doorstep.

All in all, they’re both great options and are both perfect. I was so excited when I received my first box of clothing from FashionPass and was so impressed. My favorite item from my first box is the red dress I’m wearing today! I’m obsessed! I truly can’t recommend the service enough!

Use code MACY to get 50% off your first 4 or 8 day rental or 50% off your first month of FashionPass GO

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