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Blame it on the health conscious boom of the millennials, but the athletic market is sky-rocketing. Now more than ever, people are wearing workout gear from sunrise to sunset. In fact, it’s totally acceptable to sport this highly coveted clothing, even when working out isn’t your forte. Fortunately for me, I grew up in a sports-oriented household and my athletic roots are deep. So whether it be that, habit, the vanity of wanting to be fit, or a combination of the three, you’ll find me in a gym more days than not. Of course, some days I feel more motivated than others, but, one thing’s for certain, I can always count on wearing Lululemon to inspire me to do my best.


A true lover of all things cardio, I was always a runner at heart and very rarely deviated from my running regime – until six months ago. At that time, I started taking random workout classes and quickly found a new love. Not only was it a great way to meet new people, I loved switching it up and finding new ways to challenge myself. Although, I consider most of the classes I take high-intensity, the hybrid mixture and uniqueness of each one keeps me on my toes, flexes different muscles and pushes me in different ways. So what does a typical workout week look like for me? Well, it changes on the fly, but this past week looked like this:

August 17: Spinning @ Burn

August 16: Vinyasa Yoga @ Infinity Yoga

August 15: 60 Minute Blast @ The Blast Life

August 14: Rest

August 13: Fast Twitch Full Body @ The Forum Athletic Club

August 12: Barre @ PureBarre

August 11: Spinning @ Flywheel


Until about two years ago, fitness gear didn’t really have trends. It used to be all black, but now it’s everything mesh, color-blocking, loud prints, and bright colors. I hate to admit it, but I shamefully fall under the all black category 90% of the time. However, after participating in the True Red and Splatter White Black/Black print campaign, I’m committed to giving prints and bright colors a try.

Although pieces from Lululemon, can be a splurge, I can genuinely attest to the durability and high performance of their products. Each article of clothing is made from the best of the best fabric and is designed with well engineered technical features that truly do enhance a workout. Their garments are supportive, lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking, odor resistant, and most importantly, worth every penny!

All looks were provided by Lululemon and are available online here . If you’re in the market for anything True Red be sure to scoop it up soon because it won’t be available long!


Victoria (far left): Top: Cool Racerback II | Bra: Free To Be Wild | Bottoms: Pace Rival Crops

Tessa (left of me): Top: Fast As Light Singlet | Bra: Energy Bra (my favorite for support) | Bottoms: Tracker Short IV (obsessed!!)

Me (outfit 1): Top: Swiftly Racerback | Bra: Lighten Up (my favorite when I want a ‘cool back’) | Bottoms: Circuit Breaker Skirt (prefer this to the Pace Rival Skirt b/c the built in shorts are loser around my thighs)

Me (outfit 2): Top: Cool Racerback II (this was recently redesigned to have a shorter length and I find it to be much more flattering than the original Cool Racerback) | Bra: Lighten Up | Bottoms: Pace Rival* Special Edition Marathon (love the pocket placement)

McKinley (to the right of me): Top: Sculpt Tank | Bra: Rise and Run Bra (so comfortable) | Bottoms: Inspire Tight (perfect if you like zip pockets)

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