Grand Velas Spa Day

My spa day at the Grand Velas was my very first time experiencing the spa and I absolutely loved it! It was so fun to have a girls day and to be pampered. I felt so spoiled! It was relaxing and perfect to just disconnect from everything for the day.

Going into the day I knew we were doing a hydrotherapy treatment but other than that, I had no idea what to expect. Needless to say, the whole day exceeded my expectations by a mile. I was most impressed with the staff – they treated us like queens and made us feel so special.

Before we started the treatment, the staff greeted us at the door with mimosas and gave us a tour of the facilities and oh my, they were GORGEOUS! Every little detail was posh and beyond luxurious!

After our tour we started the hydrotherapy treatment. Hydrotherapy is defined as the use of water to help treat certain illnesses and ailments. In short, it’s basically the act of using water to treat everything from sore muscles to stress to even such things as diabetes and arthritis. I walked away from the treatment feeling like I had gotten a massage! The staff described it as a water journey. The journey consisted of 8 steps:

Sauna Our first step of the experience was the Sauna! We laid in the sauna for 10 minutes and were pampered with cold towels and cucumbers over our eyes!

Ice Room I was a bit nervous for the ice room, especially after coming from the warm sauna, but it honestly felt so refreshing! It was remarkable to see your body react to the temperature change. It was so relaxing!

Color Therapy Steam Steam rooms normally aren’t my favorite but I told myself going into the treatment that I was going to try everything and get the most out of the experience. I was so happy I did because I ended up loving the steam room. I’ve actually even started going to the steam room at the gym now!

Clay Room This was probably my favorite step of the whole treatment! When we entered the clay room we were handed a tub of warm clay and were instructed to rub the clay all over our body. We let the clay soak in for about five minutes and then rinsed it off with hand held jets. The clay made your skin feel so soft!

Polar Pools I was such a baby when it came to this! I found the polar pool to be even more chilling than the ice room even though the water only came up to your knees! I only stayed in the polar pool for about two minutes but it was enough to get the full effect!

Waterfalls The waterfalls were located in a large pool that had the warmest water. It felt like bath water! The waterfalls were so relaxing and massaged your whole body. Each waterfall had varying pressure to suit everyones specific needs. I walked away feeling like I got a massage!

Bubble Volcano The bubble volcano process and was also located in the large pool. This technique helps with circulation in your legs, similar to what jets in a hot tub do for you.

Water Bubble Bed This was the final step of the experience and deemed the ‘favorite’ by the girls as a whole! It’s a cement bed that is shaped to the human body. Throughout the bed there are jets that rise around your body. It’s the cherry on top to an amazing experience.

All in all, the hydrotherapy at the spa was an amazing experience! I highly recommend it and will totally put it on my list of the things to do when planning my next vacation. Also, as an added bonus, hydrotherapy at the Grand Velas is always included in all 50+ minute treatments at the spa. If you have any questions or need any recommendations, please let me know!

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