How It All Began…

Wow! Isn’t it crazy how time flies?? I just celebrated the two year anniversary of creating my blog and am absolutely blown away by the fact that it’s been two years already!

I often get questions from aspiring bloggers asking how it all began and if I was fearful when creating the blog. I wish I could say I fearlessly pursued and flawlessly created it from start to finish but truthfully, that’s not exactly how it went. And to be perfectly honest, there was a bit of fear that went along with inviting the cyber world into my heart.

However, two years later, and after reflecting on all of the incredible people this blog has brought into my life, I’m forever grateful that the fear I had didn’t stop me and that I took the plunge. How did I do it? Well, I surrounded myself with my family and friends and redirected that scared energy into focusing on how I could be the best blogger possible, and let me just say, once I learned how to do channel my fearful thoughts, it was extremely empowering. Also, I would be remiss, if I didn’t thank Secret Deodorant for keeping me dry and giving me one less thing to worry about in my highest stake moments!  I encourage each of you to be unstoppable, to pursue what you love and you’ll set the world on fire! I promise that as with all great achievements in life, vulnerability is instrumental and great successes come from doing the things that scare you most.

Today, I’m so excited to partner with Secret Deodorant and share their Clinical Strength collection  because Secret Deodorant has been a staple in my drawer for years now. Their mission is encouraging women everywhere to stop settling and reach higher! They’re asking women to hold their deodorant to the same high standards they hold everything else to in life. I’m so excited to join this movement of women supporting women because I’m certain we are all capable of more than we know.

On those big days though, when you take the plunge, and even on the days when you don’t, I encourage you to use Secret Clinical Strength because it offers faster, extra effective protection from unexpected sweat. Use Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once for all day, strong wetness protection. I start every morning off with it and trust me, it never disappoints! Get your own at Walmart!

Thanks to Secret for sponsoring this post!

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