I know it’s 80 degrees outside, but…..







I know it’s currently 80 degrees outside but Forever 21 broke out their faux fur and you don’t want to miss it! Plus, when it actually does get cold, what’s better than a faux fur topper to cheer you up when the chill hits??

I have to admit, I generally don’t have the best of luck at Forever 21 but when it comes to their faux fur each year, I almost always hit a home run. Normally, their selection isn’t huge, but you can always count on it to be on trend and insanely affordable. The key is to scoop it up early because if you wait until you actually need it, it probably will be sold out. Faux fur jackets are one of my favorite things to wear in the winter because they can instantly make an otherwise basic outfit look incredibly fashion forward.

P.S. I wasn’t able to find the link for my jacket…I can’t tell if it sold out quickly or wasn’t uploaded to their website yet?? I purchased mine yesterday and their were plenty in the ATL store if you’re interested!

Jacket: Forever 21 (faux fur options) | Leatherettes: AG Jeans | Shoes: Matt Bernson

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