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valentino-1It’s true that shorts are traditionally reserved for the summer months, but when crafted from the right fabrics (think: tweed, leather, wool, etc.) and styled appropriately, shorts are an incredibly chic option for your fall wardrobe. Plus, they’re the perfect solution for keeping you cool when the temps aren’t so low making them the ultimate transitional item. When it came to styling these gems I opted to pair them with a simple, silk cami in order to let my recent accessory purchases shine through. Speaking of accessories…

Hat: In the past I had only purchased hats from Rag & Bone because they were the only brand who carried hats with a firm, wide-brim but always felt guilty over every purchase. I constantly looked for less expensive options but nothing ever compared until I came across the brand Brixton while shopping at Nordstrom a few weeks ago. I can’t say enough good things about this brand and to be perfectly honest, I can’t tell a difference between my Rag & Bone and Brixton Hats.

Choker: I probably went to at least six different stores looking for a simple, black velvet choker and struck out everywhere until I was in Nordstrom buying my hat. I was pleasantly surprised at how many great and inexpensive options they had so if you’re in the market, Nordstrom is your answer.

Purse: Remember the runway event I mentioned a few weeks ago? I happily walked away with this gem for less than fifty cents on the dollar! Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

Top: Abercrombie | Shorts: Club Monaco $149.50 $59 | Hat: Brixton (it’s not floppy, despite it’s name) | Choker: Nordstrom | Bag: Chloe | Shoes: Valentino

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