My Go-To Lululemon Bottoms…

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When it comes to workout gear I’m a Lululemon girl through and through! As much as I hate to admit it, I first bought Lululemon because I thought it was cool and the ‘in’ thing to do, but now after a good five years of wearing it, I buy Lululemon for it’s quality, fit and function. As many of you know, working out is a huge part of my life and I rarely go a day without exercising. That being said, I 100% get my use out of athletic apparel and know what withstands the test of time!

Also, I know working out isn’t always the most fun thing, so I think it’s important to have something to wear that makes you feel confident and excited to exercise. And for me, Lululemon 100% does that! I have so much to say when it comes to Lulu but don’t want to overload you with information so I’m going to do a series of posts and break it down between bottoms, tops, sports bras, and jackets. So for today I’m starting with bottoms and listing which styles are my favorite and explaining why I love each of the various styles so particularly much.


WUNDER UNDER HI-RISE TIGHT *NULUX: This style of tights is my latest obsession! Nulux is a new fabric that Lululemon just created and it’s beyond dreamy! They’re light, comfortable and silky soft. Nulux is perfect for both high and low intensity exercises.

ALL THE RIGHT PLACES CROP II: (Pant version of these crops available HERE): These are the crops that I wear most frequently when working out. They’re my go-to for anything workout related because they function perfectly for literally any exercise class under the sun. I like them because they’re compressive, comfortable and because they look like workout tights and not leggings.

WUNDER UNDER HI-RISE TIGHT *FULL-ON LUXTREME: These are my favorite leggings to wear with boots and sweaters in the winter because they don’t have any pockets or unusual seems. Plus, above all else, they don’t attract any fuzzies or lint!!! That’s a HUGE win for me. Their fabric is a bit silky and has a very, very slight sheen to it which prevents the leggings from ever looking dull or faded. I have a pair that I have probably worn over a 100 times with wool sweaters and they still look brand new.

INVIGORATE 7/8 TIGHT: I’m normally am not a fan of any leggings with mesh because I have sensitive skin and mesh is usually itchy to me but these tights do not do that to me. I love these tights in the grey color because the mesh really stands out.

SPEED UP TIGHT: (Cropped version of these pants available HERE): These are the best tights for running. I have to forewarn you though that have a very, very tight fit to them. However, they’re made to fit that way so that they won’t slide down when you’re hitting the pavement.

ALIGN PANT II : (Cropped version of these pants available HERE) I don’t do yoga as often as what I would like to but when I do these are the pants I wear. They’re buttery soft and have a naked sensation to them which basically means that you feel like you’re not wearing anything. From what I can tell, I would say this style is currently the number one most popular style of Lululemon bottoms.

ON THE FLY PANT: Whenever all of my laundry is clean and I’m just hanging out or running errands, these are always the first pants I reach for. I love how they’re loose around my legs and feel like a typical pair of sweat pants. They’re incredibly comfortable and can be dressed up as well.

Also, for all of you ATLiens out there, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite of the five Lululemon stores, Perimeter, of course! While all of the stores are great, I just feel most at home at Perimeter and love how much the team cares about each individual person who walks inside their doors. If you’re ever in ATL, I totally recommend visiting the Perimeter store!


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