Summer Handbags – Dooney & Bourke


My favorite accessory is always HANDBAGS! I love handbags so much because you always get so much use out of them, way more than clothes or any other accessory I buy. Plus, they hold up so much better than shoes, in my case as least! I recently was on the hunt for a white/ivory handbag for summer that was bit larger in size and durable for travel. I also wanted to find something less than $500 because I know many of y’all had been asking for bags that wouldn’t exactly break the bank. One of my friends recently bought a Dooney & Bourke bag from the Emerson collection and I was instantly in love. I immediately knew I wanted a bag from the collection but didn’t expect to be coming home with two bags instead of one! Whoops! See below for more details on my bags!

Emerson Marlowe Drawstring Bag

I was first drawn to the Emerson collection because of my friends bag but after doing some research on the collection, I adore it even more. I absolutely love how sleek and sophisticated it feels and the colors it has to offer. They’re seriously so beautiful and so perfect for summer! I went back and forth between a few bags in the collection but finally decided on the Marlowe Drawstring Bag because it was the perfect size for travel – not too big or too small. Also, I really liked that it was super easy to put things into and get things out of. Additionally, I loved the feet at the bottom which prevent the bag from getting dirty! The bag wears super well, comes in a variety of colors and is very easy to wipe clean if there ever is any occasional spill or what not!!

Florentine Medium Satchel 

The second bag that I ended up getting, by surprise great surprise to me, is the Florentine Medium Satchel. I honestly had no need for this bag but absolutely fell in love with the color of it – it’s a mix between grey and taupe and is even more gorgeous in person! I have so many shoes that aren’t quite grey or taupe and never know what bag to wear them with which is why I ultimately decided on getting this bag as well. Plus, I really love that it’s a satchel too and am obsessed with the subtle western vibes. The bag is much bigger than it seems and surprisingly fits a TON. I honestly was shocked when I first used it. I think it will transition very well into Fall and Winter too which makes it even more versatile and worthy of the investment!

Thank you Dooney & Bourke for sponsoring today’s post!

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